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Aug 10

Dominique A.

A Week In Review: 8/4 - 8/10

Posted by Dominique A.

This week on DragonWear®:

1. "It brings me so much peace to know everything that could’ve been done was done, and I'm so thankful they're trained to do that, too." - Tricia Bassow


2. U.S. Coast Guard was born on this day nearly 230 years ago!

Fun facts:

  • The oldest Coast Guardsman was 105 yrs old
  • Coast Guard dog, Sinbad was awarded 6 medals for his service
  • Women have been serving since WWI

Read more facts here.


3. “Pro Dry nailed it! Neck tube #gamechanger I'd say the PD is the best performance hiViz shirt to ever hit the market. Way to go guys. 100+ degrees” - @robe.rick


4. Even in the peak of summer, lineworkers are determined to keep the lights on.


Pro Dry™ CAT 1 Long Sleeve Shirt


5. We want to say thank you to all utility worker for everything you do regardless of the weather. Click here for the poem written by a mother of an apprentice lineman for West Oregon Electric Cooperative crew. 


6. At 22, Ryan Thomas Barrett and two other linemen were unfortunately struck by a car last year when helping to restore power in Florida.

His parents have since created The Ryan Barrett Memorial Electric Line Technology Scholarship in his honor. Read the full story here


7. Our Alpha™ Jacket is proudly designed in stitched in North America.


A Week In Review: 8/4 - 8/10
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