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  • April 8th
    Duke Energy Lineman's Rodeo
    New Hill, NC

  • April 10 - 13th
    Reno, NV
    Booth # 428

  • April 21 – 22nd
    FMEA – Florida Lineman Competition
    Lakeland, FL
    Booth: TBA

  • April 24 – 27th
    EEI Spring Occupational Conference
    Sugar Land, TX
    Booth: TBA

  • April 29th
    LADWP IBEW local 18 Lineman’s Rodeo
    Sun Valley, CA
    Booth: TBA

  • May 2 – 4th
    PSC Enform
    Banff, AB CANADA
    Booth: TBA

  • May 5 – 6th
    APPA Lineman Rodeo
    San Antonio, TX
    Booth: TBA

  • May 7 – 10th

    APPA Engineering & Ops Technical Conference

    San Antonio, TX

    Booth: TBA

  • May 10 – 11th

    NEPPA Engineering Operations Conference

    Worcester, MA

    Booth: TBA

  • June 8th

    Utah Lineman Rodeo

    Location: West Valley, UT

    Booth: TBA

  • July 15th

    Enmax Lineman Rodeo

    Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

    Booth: TBA

  • July 22nd

    Northwest Pacific Lineman Rodeo

    Portland, OR

    Booth: TBA

  • July 29 – Aug 4th

    National Training Institute

    Ann Arbor, MI

    Booth: TBA

  • August 18th

    Hydro 1 Rodeo

    Location: TBA

    Booth: TBA

  • August 20 – 24th

    IBEW All Canada Progress Meeting

    Montreal, QC CANADA

    Booth: TBA

  • September 25 -27th


    Indianapolis, IN

    Booth #1015

  • September 27 – 28th

    Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference

    Tacoma, WA

    Booth: TBA

  • October 3 – 5th


    Louisville, KY

    Booth: TBA

  • October 11 – 14th

    International Lineman’s Rodeo

    Overland Park, KS

    Booth: TBA

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